Michael Palmer's resignation from the PAP meant that the Punggol East SMC is up for grabs. While the Prime Minister keeps Singaporeans guessing on when the by-election will be, there are already media and online speculation to who will be contesting Punggol East SMC.

People's Action Party (PAP)

The only question for PAP will be who be contesting. No names have officially been offered. Online speculation threw out some names like Ong Ye Kung and Desmond Choo.

Ong Ye Kung was part of the losing Aljunied GRC team in the last General Elections. However, his recent departure from NTUC to the private sector has threw out more cons than pros.

Desmond Choo contested recently in Hougang by-election but online gossip is saying that he should be staying put in Hougang to contest in the next General Elections.

It is also expected that PAP will throw in a heavy weight into the ring to get a confirm win. With the elections just over a year ago, it might be someone needing to come up of retirement.

Worker's Party (WP)

WP contested in Punggol East SMC in the last General Elections and garnered 41% of the votes for its candidate Ms Lee Li Lian.

Online speculation is that Ms Lee will be the candidate but some are saying that the by-election is a once in a 50 years opportunity to contest, someone more senior might be the candidate.

Punggol East SMC sits next to Aljunied GRC and a win for WP would extend their boundaries towards Pasir Ris - Punngol GRC where some are saying would be the next battleground between WP and PAP in the GE 2016.


Reform Party's Kenneth Jeyaretnam has told the media that he is "strongly considering" and Ben Hwee, who last contested in GE2011 under the SPP banner, has said he "intending" to contest the SMC but as a independent in the same article.

Singapore Democratic Party chief Chee Soon Juan, who was just recently discharged from bankruptcy thus making him available to contest this by-election, only issued a statment calling for a quick date for the by-elections and have not clearly indicated of contesting the seat.

Online speculation is that Mr Chee will not particpate in this as he recently called for unity within the opposition. Contesting will only affect his credibility in GE2016.

and The One Who Is Interested To Contest Any Electin..

No official statment yet made from this possible contender whom popular Singapore blogger, mrbrown, once highlighted that he will join simisai election, Tan Jee Say has popped up online as a possible contender.

A multi horse race at Punggol East SMC might split the votes for the opposition parties involved so a two horse race would provide a better chance for an opposition party to win.

The last by-election of parliamentary seats held by PAP was in 1992 for Marine Parade GRC.  3 opposition parties went up against the team lead by then Prime Minister, Goh Chok Tong,  and lost miserably. Of the 3, 2 lost their election deposit of $6000 per candidate for failing to garner at 12.5% of the votes.


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