121212 will be the date remembered for the resignation  of Singapore's Speaker of Parliament, Michael Palmer, from the PAP over an extramarital affair. This was reminisce to the sacking of then Worker's Party Yaw Shin Leong over alleged extramarital affairs too.

Mr Low Thia Khiang of the Worker's Party has responded in a gentlemanly manner to the resignation of Michael Palmer.  Mr Low was quoted to say ""He's well balanced giving both front and back benchers sufficient time to debate. He also has given members of the Opposition sufficient time to engage the front bench. Personally I quite like him as a Speaker so it's unfortunate that he has resigned."

In comparison, the People's Action Party wasn't as graceful as Mr Low when Mr Low had to sack his protege over alleged affairs.

Said Mr Khaw Boon Hwa then in February, "The Workers' Party needs to come clean with the people what information have they got about Mr Yaw and in particular, what did they know about him prior to the May election. And if they know, why did they field Mr Yaw. I think it is sad that the voters have been misled by the Workers Party."

In today's media conference with Mr Michael Palmer, Deputy Prime Minster Mr Teo Chee Hean said (at the 7:30 mark), "..no selection system will be full proof. Sometimes problems will emerge even many years after the selection and appointment.."

Yes.. karma's always a bitch in politics..


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