Days before the resignation of Michael Palmer, Singapore Speaker of Parliament, one of the biggest Chinese newspaper in Singapore headlined 2012 as the year of lust.  With the Michael's resignation, Bloomberg said it caps the year of lust totally.

So how can a politician have safe extramarital sex? Here's learning from past mistakes.

1. Keep your lovey dovey off digital and analog.

It seems the media here is quick to blame Michael's confession to his party leaders because of tip off of the love emails and sms between him and the unfortunately lady.

So the lesson here is that as much as the digital revolution has allowed for more communication, keep your lovey dovey stuff off any form of digital and analog materials and only for her/his ears only.

Pent it all up and on the day of your rendezvous, let it all out for her/his ears only.

2. Keep your rendezvous meeting on a Monday evening

Monday evenings for secret meetings looks like the best time to escape. Doing it on Monday's allow you to beat the Monday's blues, plus everybody will think Mondays you are just having a night cap or having a summary meeting.

3. Find somebody like 10 degree of separation from your organisation

Make sure the person you are romantically linked to is as far as possible from your organisation as possible even if the bosses deny the relationship between the two organisations.

If your romantic partner is part of the IT company that sells you IT products, stay far far away.

4. Sleep with somebody from the opposition camp.

You can sleep with somebody from the opposition and nobody will believe you when found out. Even if  you are caught sleeping with the enemy, you have the perfect excuse that despite your difference, both of you have found a common ground. Make sure the ground is carpeted too as it could be tough on the knees. 

5. Go to an expensive and high class hotel

If you are going to get caught, as least be caught in style. Don't be seen as a miser who choose to do the deed in the car to save money.
Get caught in the most expensive hotel. Nothing beats going out with a bang.

Do you have any suggestions for politicians to practice safe extramarital sex? Please share them. 


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