Singapore Minister of Transport, Mr Lui Tuck Yew, had a "Show me the money" episode when he was quoted to say ""Any fare adjustment will allow the two operators to have more resources, in time to come, to make further salary adjustments to their drivers. We recognise that the drivers need to be paid more. (The) question is, where is that money coming from? "

This quote sparked speculation that public transport fare is set to rise again in 2013 though a fellow member of parliament blamed the media for creating an  "illusion" of this public transport fare increase.

Blog, Transitional Eternity, however pointed out that the money to raise wages of the drivers can come from within and not from the public.

The blogger, XuYun74, discovered through SMRT annual reports that the SMRT director fees cost the public transport operator $9.6million alone in 2011.

Wrote XuYun74, "By 2012, directors’ fees have grown to a whopping 970% in a span of 11 years. Contrasting the generosity of SMRT on its directors, the growth of staff costs (excluding directors) is a mere 67%."

XuYun74 also suggested that if SMRT took out $1million, either from the directors' fees or from the profits, which was at a whopping $119 million in fiscal year 2012, could help pay for the increase in wages for the bus drivers by $500 per annum. 

I hope our Transport Minister do visit XuYung74's blog at to go through the well-detailed research on "where to get the money" to cater to the demand to increase bus drivers' wages.


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