Scoot Airlines, the latest long distant budget airline from Singapore Air, has decided to take a page out of 29th Century Star Trek with their new uniform.

Scoot Airlines new uniform
Star Trek Next Generation Uniforms.

Scoot Airlines is also rumoured to have a tough choice between having Captain Kirk or Captain Picard as their first airline captain.

Trekies have expressed disappointment that Scoot Airlines will not be naming their first aeroplane the USS Enterprise, due to budget constrains.

Scoot Airlines will not be taking off from this "Starfleet HQ" in Singapore.

Trekies can also rest assure that Scoot Airlines service staff will not set their phasers to stun, especially on unruly passengers, as phasers are beyond budget.

However, before Trekies can say "Beam me up, Sco(o)tty", Scoot Airlines will require passengers to walk to their aeroplane from Changi Airport as the existence of the transporter machine has also been chuck aside as a unconfirm rumour.


  1. DarKScoRpioN  

    January 16, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    Singapore Scoot Airline will be another new budget airline. Good to see this. Hope that the competition will help to make the price of tickets go lower and benefit us consumers.

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