With the recent news that DBS and POSB bank account holders saw unauthorised withdrawals from ATMs overseas, a local bank has announced that they will be launching a 2-spit authentication at ATMs.

This illustration was made by Jean-Marc Rosier
The 2-spit authentication requires ATM users to spit into spittoons after they have entered their pin code. The saliva collected will have the  DNA processed and matched with the main database. The DNA code will be transmitted through encrypted and secure Internet.

"The 2-spit authentication will require our banks to collect customers' spit when they sign up for any ATM services," said the spokesperson for the local bank.

"When they attempt to withdraw their money at ATMs, they are then required to spit again so we can match their DNA with our database.

"We believe that no two spits are the same."

When askeld about how the spittoons will be cleaned, the bank replied that they will be using the same bacteria waterless solutions that are now commonly found in toilets in shopping malls.

"We have a win-win situation. Not only can we save water, we also help to make our ATMs safe."


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