The chairman of the Chai Tow Kway (Fried Carrot Cake) Association is urging all members to sell the $10 XO sauce version to take advantage of the recent limelight given to this special carrot cake.

The Chai Tow Kway Association said that in view of the rapidly rising operating costs, especially carrot prices, the revision is "fair and timely" to help fried carrot cake hawkers to defray part of cost increases.

"Members of the Chai Tow Kway Association have been selling the black or white version for many years. We need to move with the time to meet the demands of a younger modern generation," said Mr Chai Tow, chairman of the Chai Tow Kway Association.

"Chai Tow Kway hawkers drivers have had to cope with higher costs of living as a result of inflation," added the association.

The Non-Competitive Commission of Singapore supported the announcement made by the Chai Tow Kway Association.

"By having all Chai Tow Kway members sell SGD10 XO sauce version of Chai Tow Kway, it will give all members a level playing field," said the release from Non-Competitive Commission of Singapore.

"We are also helping consumers so that they don't need to spend on additional travel expenses to get their $10 XO sauce Chai Tow Kway."


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