Is it worth the speed?

The headlines for The New Paper is of an accident that occurred at Woodlands a few days short of Christmas.

The video below is graphic, but it serves as reminder to both drivers and pedestrians.

For drivers, your impatience to wait for a red light to turn green might just end the life of another. Earlier in the year, a Ferrari driver decision to beat the red light ended the life of a taxi driver and his passenger. The innocent taken away from a moment of impatience.

There are no rewinds in life and a minute late won't mean the end of the world.

As a pedestrian, we should always be on the lookout for incoming vehicles even in the safety of red traffic light. Be aware when you cross the road. Don't text or look at your sms. You will never know if a driver, at the moment of time, decide to beat the lights to save time.

Be careful when you cross any road.


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